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AnimO - Mina's Animal Sanctuary

Not all heroes wear capes...

Some put their successful lives and career on hold and move to the Japanese countryside to start an animal sanctuary, taking in those who need it the most!

Meet Mina !

This multi-talented power woman was already a true inspiration as a singer, model, personal trainer, dog trainer and martial artist in Tokyo when she saved her first pit bull 9 years ago. Committed to learn everything there is to know in order to take the best care of her new companion, she learned about the dog fighting scene, traumatized animals and a lack of overall animal rights in Japan.

Little by little she took more and more animals in - until her Tokyo apartment became too small and her lifestyle more and more centered around the full-time care her animals required.

Using all her savings, she moved to the countryside in Chiba and started "AnimO" (Animal Oasis). Soon, she had over 100 animals of all sizes to care for. She decided to focus on those who need it the most: aggressive, overgrown, too loud, terminally ill, potentially dangerous and unwanted by everyone else.

"There are many amazing rescues in Japan that help many cats, dogs, rabbits etc., but there is a huge group of undesirable animals that have been neglected, abused, and abandoned that wouldn't have a chance if it weren't for this sanctuary."

Due to her knowledge, commitment and endless dedication (Mina wakes up at 2AM every single day to take care of the (literal) early birds!), these animals have a place to go where they are loved, understood and taken care of. Aggressive dogs are patiently trained, FeLV+ (Feline Leukemia Virus, a contagious deadly virus) cats get to live a cage free life full of hugs, and any animal from orphaned crows, hedghogs, and exotic birds which' names I can't even pronounce, are kept safe, fed and loved in Mina's ever expanding paradise.

Mina runs her sanctuary alone. From groceries, cleaning, laundry, feeding, walking, transporting, training, rehabilitating, caring and where possible even re-homing! Everything involved with taking care of the animals, responding to new calls for animals needing her help, and even building special enclosures so that special needs animals can thrive. As many of the animals are sick, aggressive, traumatized or need special care, only trained, long-term volunteers are able to help.

The very best way to support AnimO is through financial aid!

Food, toys, beds, shelter/enclosures, medication, litter boxes, vet visits, transportation costs... With over 100 animals the costs are building up. Food alone goes up to ¥240,000 per month! In order for Mina to keep doing the amazing work she does, she needs our help!

Ways to help:

  • Become a Patreon: become a patreon and support the sanctuary on a monthly base. You can become a member for as little as $3 per month!

  • One-time Donations: You can do a one-time donation anytime through her PayPal account: minas.dog.training@gmail.com

  • Amazon Wishlist: buy something the sanctuary really needs. From food, toys, beds or snacks. The list is updated frequently and there is always a need for more!

  • Donate: Used bedding; fleece blankets or towels, old dog toys, stainless steel food bowls, etc. Make sure to check with Mina if she could use the items and contact her for her address and phone number.

"Dedicating my life to unwanted animals that would otherwise be euthanized makes it impossible for me to maintain a stable income. Vet bills, pet supplies and food for over 100 animals add up to much more that I am capable of earning and I have to be able to drop everything to make a vet run when necessary. So, I rely on donations. Your support would not only help with the sanctuary's current financial challenges but will also greatly help when an emergency arises. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Be sure to follow Mina and her sanctuary on Facebook or Instagram for beautiful stories and updates on all the residents!