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"Nira-Negi" Ramen Topping

A simple, flavorful mixture to top your ramen with for a spicy, strong umami punch!

Nira Negi mix with Omnipork ramen オムにポーク
"Nira Negi" mixture with 'Omnipork' Ramen

There are so many different styles and flavors of ramen, you can experiment endlessly. From shoyu based to tonkotsu-inspired, the broth really makes all the difference. Out of ideas for a creative soup bases? Not the right ingredients? Looking for something new?

We used this Nira-Negi mix to top our very simple ramen broth for a different-than-usual flavor that brought the whole dish alive!

Nira-Negi Ingredient list

For the standard broth we used a very simple, plain base of:

water, soy sauce, mirin and kombu powder - to taste.

For the Nira-Negi mixture

  • Nira* 5 sticks

  • Garlic 2 cloves

  • Spring Onion 1 whole

  • Kombu Powder to taste

  • Red Chili Pepper 2 peppers

  • Sesame Oil to taste

*Nira, also called "Asian chives, Chinese chives, Chinese leek" is available in any supermarktet and is a base ingredients for many Japanese dishes, including "gyoza". They have a garlic-y flavor.

How to Make?

There really isn't anything to it! Just cut up the ingredients listed and bake them in the sesame oil until all the flavors have been released and the colors have changed. You can then use it to top your ramen, soy meat, chahan (fried rice) or whatever other dish you feel could use a bit of a kick! I used it for a burger that was a bit dry the other day and it worked perfectly!


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