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TANAMERA Natural, Tropical Spa Products

I was fortunate enough to test one of Tanamera's Himalayan Rock Salt Scrub,

and had a look at "who they are".

I have never been a big spender on beauty and body care products. When living at home, I happily shared whatever my mom decided to buy, and while living in Scotland, they already had student budget-friendly, Vegan certified products available. Moving to Japan, where not a lot of friends are clearly Vegan and I'm not familiar enough with the ingredients and processes (animal testing), let alone the translations, I've somehow managed with a couple of LUSH purchases and whatever I brought home from visits home.

I was therefore extra excited to come across Tanamera!

Natural Beauty

Tanamera is a Malaysian brand, whose name means "Red Earth", representing their

usage of plantbased, rain forest-inspired raw materials.

Their name and detailed logo represent what they stand for: "natural remedies, eco- friendly products and packaging, traditional Asian treatments and the healing power of tropical herbs and essences".

The foundation of the company was laid by three siblings in 1995, who had a passion for truly natural beauty and care products that increase people's quality of life. Their very first products were simple herbal soaps, wrapped in unbleached, recycled paper!

Nowadays, they have grown to almost 80 core products, in about 18 countries, while still sticking to their core values of using pure, natural ingredients and minimal packaging. They focus on using tropical ingredient and respect traditional Malay beauty treatments, and bring these concepts to the international market to remind people of sunny East Asian beaches and relaxation!

Tanamera has won several awards, both locally, such as the "Home Spa products in the 2009 Malaysian Wellness Awards", as well as international ones, such as the Japan Good Design Award (2005) - an organization I often see awarded to high quality crafts at my work, for their smart packaging. Their products are also strict 'JAKIM' Halal qualified and were approved by the Vegetarian Society in 2013. They are furthermore part of the LOHAS initiative (an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability - focusing on green, organic and Corporate social responsibility goals)

Himalayan Rock Salt Scrub / タナメラ公式サイト
Himalayan Rock Salt Scrub 100g ¥1,500

Tanamera sells to not only consumers, but also spa's in several countries - promising a spa experience whenever and where ever you are.

The sample I received is a 100g Himalayan Rock Salt Body Scrub, which is a convenient size, supporting the "where ever you are", and ideal to test out the product for a while.

They recommend using the bath salt during or right after a shower, when your skin is still wet.

After giving the salt a good stir, you apply it to your skin and carefully massage it.

Despite the rough salt, the scrub is very gentle to your skin, and the massage is not at all painful, as with some "natural body salt" scrubs.

When I first opened the package I could not believe this was an all-natural scent. It's very very strong and I completely understand their promise to have you imagine relaxing at a South-East Asian Beach.

The fragrance is strong, but definitively not overpowering. A few hours after using it in the shower, I still smell a little of it on my skin, which I personally like.

I have now tested it twice; once with a bowl of warm water as pictured above,

and once in the shower. Both times my arms felt super soft, hydrated and healthy - a sharp contrast with my legs that are suffering from the effects of winter. They will definitely get a scrub next!

Tanamera also has a kids line, which is not only suitable to wash or massage (oil) your baby's hair and body with organic, clean and fully natural ingredients, but also for mama's to use while bathing together with their children, and to handle them afterwards without having to worry about strong chemical scents or toxic ingredients on their skin.

I think I personally might have to treat myself to their Ginger Blend Massage oil, or amazing looking bath salts soon...

But also with their body soaps, essential oils, scrubs, moisturizers and even herbal press, you can create your own South-East Asian spa at home!

Himalayan Rock Salt Scrub / タナメラ公式サイト

TANAMERA is a Malaysian brand offering truly natural, plant based beauty and spa products, without artificial perfumes, coloring or preservatives, and with recycled packaging. They are HALAL certified and recognized by the Vegetarian Society. The body salt I tested was gentle on my skin and had an amazing, relaxing scent.

Verdict: I am super excited with my body salt sample and after learning more about their business, I am very keen on trying more of their prodcuts!



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