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2021 Vegan Japanese Valentine Gifts

Traditionally, on Valentine's day in Japan, the ladies give chocolate to the gents. And to complicate matters, they don't only give them to "their valentine", but are also expected to give giri ("obligated-") chocolates to male friends, co-workers and superiors! Luckily, us modern-, gender neutral-supportive- Vegan folk don't care about any of this and just want to find delicious, cruelty free yumminess, amirite?

2021/03/25 Due to an error most of the pictures became unavailable. As many cakes were limited editions, I can't replace the pictures. I will keep the post as you'll still be able to find fantastic suppliers through them. x

My favorite Vegan Valentine Finds for 2021 are as follows:

02/11 update:


Plantall is a Vegan "shojin" icecream brand started by two beautiful Instagram influencers: Kurumi and Saaya, and Ryoya Takashima (Peacefulcuisine) on their team. The icecream is gluten-, refined sugar-, additive-, preservatives- free and made with real ingredients and minimum packaging. Next to plain and strawberry, they now launched their Chocolate flavor, right in time for Valentine's.

2-Pack Plain 390ml and Chocolate 390ml (or Strawberry 390ml) ¥6,500

Order here

Shochiku-en Cafe

Animal product-free cafe and online shop with mouthwatering foods! Their online shop has some great Vegan products, including "that" Vegan Rainbow cake!

Valentine's Handmade, Raw Chocolate Set 6 pc. ¥1480

Order here



A great place to start your search is this online cake shop. Type in ヴィーガン or ビーガン to discover the plantbased options (note: not all are confirmed vegan, so be sure to read the ingredients and/or contact the maker if needed).

Examples (02/05 search) Raw Chocolate Valentine cake by musubi-cafe Chocolate Sweet Potato Heart Cake by ヘルシーハット)

Order here

Universal Bakes

THAT Vegan bakery in Tokyo. Their Christmas stollen was a huge success and sold out daily. They therefore for Valentines Day made a chocolate version! Very limited. Mail order or in store (reservation in-store or by phone)

Fondant Chocolate Stollen


Order here Updates on Instagram

OVGO Baker

American Style, Vegan Cookie shop with excellent reviews both online and in pop-up stores. Look out for their Valentine's Campaign on Instagram as well.

Sending Your Love Valentine's Box (5 cookies, 2 bestsellers and 3 special editions) ¥1,980

Order here

Vegan Choice

Vegan snacks, lunchboxes and sweets. Don't have a sweet tooth? This Brazilian power team's got you with their savory Valentine box! I have ordered menu's from them several times, and their food has wow-ed me every time! - note that some of their menu item's earnings are donated to animal charities. (Mail order all over Japan)

Valentine's Special Heart-shaped Coxinha (veganized! Brazilian snack) ¥5,000 (1.2 ~ 1.3kg cake. Contact them directly for smaller sizes or custom fillings)

Contact on Instagram

Vira Veg

Online Vegan cake and sweets business. Ships all over Japan. Menu and prices available on request per message on Facebook or Instagram. The menu also includes individual snacks, as well as different styles of cakes.

Valentine's Breakfast with homemade bread, cheese and sweets inquire for prices

Valentine's I Love You Box with chocolates and Brazilian inspired sweets inquire for prices

Contact on Facebook or Instagram


Famous Organic Belgium Chocolate brand. Last year's boxes got great reviews.

Coffret écru, 15 Chocolates (smaller sets available) ¥4,860

Order here

Chaya Macrobiotics

Chaya is well known for their Vegan/Macrobiotic instant Curry, Risotto and Stews, Butter Sand and Granola's.

Macrobiotic Chocolate Gift Bag - granola, butter "sand" cookie, gluten free bar, choco "sand" cookie, brownie. (smaller options in shop)


Order here

Coconut Dream Bakery

Coconut Dream Bakery is a Gluten, Egg, Dairy, Soy and Refined sugar free bakery in Kawasaki. They a lot of Valentine snacks and are a perfect choice if you are looking for allergen free gifts, including Sugar, Wheat or Nuts free. Mail order.

Valentine's mixed sweets set - chocolate crunch, biscuits, chocolate, milky ¥2,800

Chocolate assortment, Velvet Chocolat set, sugarfree carob nuts truffles SETS ¥1,000 ~ 6,200

Order here


Mail order - A number of options

Order here

Merci Cinq

High class Natural Sweets store famous for their madeleines, and working without dairy, eggs and refined sugar. For Valentine's they offer Raw Soy Chocolates, Gâteau au chocolat cake, Mendiant and

Chocolate Bâtonnets, 3pc. ¥1,200

Chocolate covered (couverture) Madeleines, 3pc. ¥1,140

Order here

Miki Koubou Sweets

Plant based, as well as wheat- and refined sugar free. Mail order or pickup in Aichi

Rice flour, Heart-shaped Gâteau au chocolat 12 cm ¥1,700

SET ¥2,400

  • Rice flour Heart-shaped Gâteau au chocolat 12 cm x 1

  • Rum Raisin Sandwich Cookie x 2

Order here


American inspired Vegan sweets by a sustainability oriented catering business in the Kanto area.

Chocolate Truffle set 12pc. (smaller variations in shop)


Order here

Green's Vegetarian

Green's Vegetarian has grown to become THE webshop for veggie and vegan groceries. Their Valentine campaigns starts on Feb 5. Next to their wide range of organic and plantbased chocolate bars, you will also find limited edition chocolate-y sweets.

Examples: Brown Rice Flaked Chocolate balls ¥540 Rice flour Chocolate Country Cookies ¥410

Chocolate truffles ¥1,188

Order here


Beautiful, raw chocolate and chocolate cakes. A raw, natural and healthy alternative made by founder Rie, who is a nurse, raw food teacher, yoga instructor and Reiki healer! Definitely look at the non-Valentine specials too!

Valentine Special Gift set, 9 chocolates (smaller variations in shop)


Single Raw Chocolate ¥324

Order here


Cafe passionate to serve delicious food for all people, regardless of food allergies and whether or not you can or wish to eat meat. Their specialty is their unique and healthy "enzyme brown rice".

Special Valentine's Set 8 snacks - Chocolate bar, chocolate brownie, choc cookie, strawberry cookie, snowball, energy ball, cinnamon caramel cookie, coconut biscotti.


Choclate Brownie Cake 15cm ¥3,780

Order here


High quality chocolates by a team of creative chocolatiers.

Vegan Edition Flavored Bon Bon Chocolates, 6pc. ¥3,456

Order here (other boxes NOT vegan)


Allergens- and Vegan friendly, organic-as-far-as-possible sweets cafe in Nagano.

Rich Gâteau au chocolat ¥4,800

Order here

Special mentions

Elixinol CBD Campaign

Free Vegan CBD brownie for orders +¥5000

Shop here


No Valentine's special, but a beautiful chocolate gift set 6 original flavored, handmade bon bons with each 10mg CBD (Classic, Mighty Mint, Raspberry Rush, Mocha Mellow, Yuzu Yummy, Pistachio Pleasure) ¥3,888

Order here

Sold out / Ended

Biokura (Early deadline!)

Biokura is an online shop with high quality plantbased foods. Order deadline FEB 7.

Happy Valentines bon bon Premium Chocolate Selection box (6pc.) ¥2,700

Order here

Halokada Vegansweets Lab - Tokyo

Luxurious cake store by a professional Vegan pâtissier with 16 years of experience. Order deadline FEB 10 - PICK UP ONLY (Hiro-o, Tokyo).

Valentine Special: Soy Milk Chocolate Roll cake (GF) ¥2,700

Order here

Trick or Treats

American-style Vegan Cake & Sweets by a badass female baker in Osaka. Cakes are normally only available for pick-up in Osaka during events, but for this Valentine's she is offering special sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. ¥1,600 - 3,000

Order sheet here


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