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MUJI 無印良品 Vegan Soy Meat & More

MUJI is a famous household and consumer goods retailer with a focus on minimalist and no-logo products. They recently launched a range of soy meat products, and Vegan friendly snacks.

MUJI 無印良品 Vegan Soy Meat

MUJI joins the Soy Meat party

With major restaurant chains, konbini and food brands experimenting with Vegan and Vegetarian soy products, MUJI has now joined the club with four soy meat products.

NOTE: The Soy Meat Balls and Soy Meat Hamburger both contain eggs and milk! The Soy Minced Meat and Soy "thin sliced" Meat are both vegan.

MUJI 無印良品 ヴィーガン 大豆ミート

Both meats come flavored and are ready to eat as is. This makes them a great option for camping or to take with you as an emergency snack. The smell is not necessarily inviting and reminds me of Chibi's cat food, but the flavor is quite alright and has proper umami! I put the minced meat on top of some hot genmai rice, which was delicious! and I imagine you could make some delicious meals by pan frying them.

With the soy meat slices we made Suiton: a Japanese dish with boiled dough balls in soup.

The soy meat has a nice texture and added really nice umami, soaking up the flavor of the soup in addition to the flavor it already had.


MUJI Vegan Finds

Although not specifically labeled, MUJI has some other seemingly Vegan friendly foods in their (online) shops as well. And if you don't feel like flipping every package in the store, there is good news: they have a PDF file of the allergens of each food item in their shop, making it easy to check online. Of course you will still have to open each file, as the site won't let you search for Vegetarian or Vegan; but it's definitely helpful.

For example this Curry

MUJI 無印良品 カレー

Simply click on the allergens information on the right to open the package information. Not only are all instructions and ingredients listed, but the allergens are even listed in English!

MUJI 無印良品 カレー

Another interesting snack are these newly added sablé biscuits, which are free from wheat, eggs and milk!

MUJI 無印良品 サブレ

MUJI's new soy meats are a great addition to the growing range of Vegan meats that are widely available to a large audience. At ¥290 for 80g they are far more expensive than dried TVP soy meats, but they come flavored and ready to eat;

A great snack for camping and on travels!


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