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2021 Vegan Japanese Christmas Cakes

Are you excited for Christmas? I AM excited for Christmas! Mainly because of all the delicious looking Christmas cakes popping up in my feed recently. Join me in this year's search for the PERFECT Vegan Christmas Cake Japan has to offer!

I had so much fun finding all the Japanese vegan Christmas cakes last year, that I will do another attempt this year! Do let me know if you're missing any on the list.


update 11/23

Shochiku-en Cafe 松竹圓カフェ

Animal product-free cafe and online shop with mouthwatering foods and homemade cakes! Famous for their delicious(!) vegan "newkuman" and rainbow cake. The regular cakes are available year-round.

1. 《Christmas Cake》Vegan Strawberry Cake ¥3,200 incl. tax 12cm (¥5,500 18cm, ¥9,600 24cm)

2. 《Christmas Cake》Vegan Rainbow Cake ¥4,200 incl. tax 12cm (¥6,500 18cm, ¥10,600 24cm)

3. 《Christmas Cake》Chocolate Strawberry Cake ¥3,200 incl. tax 12cm (¥4,800 18cm, ¥9,600 24cm)

Order here

Order Deadline: 12/20 (mon)

Goût doux bakes グゥードゥベイクス

A Kanagawa-based bakery with a vegan, gluten free options.

  • Bonheur - Chocolate cream, caramel nuts, chocolate crunch and chocolate terrine are coated with almond chocolate. ¥3,300 incl. tax 7.5cm×8cm×5cm (2-3 people)

Order here

Order Deadline: Pick-up in store 12/23 (thur) 12/24(fri) 12/25 (sat)

Hareto Keto − ハレトケト

Japanese Raw Chocolate Shop. Christmas cake and chocolates available.

  • Wonderland Raw, GF Chocolate Cake - Cacao nibs bitter crunchy crust and peanut butter and raw chocolate marble cake. ¥5,880 incl. tax 12cm (or 15cm ¥8,890)

Order here

Coco ChouChou x Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs

Limited edition cake available on Tokyu net shopping site.

  • Lime & Lemon Raw, GF Cake - Chocolate cream, caramel nuts, chocolate crunch and chocolate terrine are coated with almond chocolate. ¥4,890 incl. tax 12cm

Order here

Order Deadline: Order till 12/13 (mon) to receive 12/23 (thur) or 12/24(fri)

Musubi Garden ムスビガーデン

Natural shop in Osaka offering three Christmas cakes for pick-up.

  • Mont blanc Tart ¥5,000 incl. tax 15cm

  • White Decoration ¥3,780 incl. tax 12cm (or ¥5,184 15cm)

  • Chocolate Decoration ¥3,996 incl. tax 12cm (or ¥5,400 15cm)

See here

Order Deadline: Order till 12/16 (thu) to receive 12/21 (tue) or 12/25 (sat)

Halokada Vegansweets Lab - Tokyo

If you've ever had a cake or pastry from Halokada, you know you CANNOT go wrong with ordering anything from this vegan pâtissier with 16 years of experience! Their luxurious Christmas cakes are available for pickup in their store or delivery.

  • Kayama Farm Strawberry Vegan Christmas Shortcake (store pick-up only) ¥6,300 incl. tax 15cm (nuts-free available on request)

  • Pistachio and Franboise Chocolat de Noël (frozen delivery only) ¥7,500 incl. tax 15cm

Order here

Order Deadline: 12/17 (fri) - Order online to pick up 12/21 (tue) - 12/25(sat)

the vegan marshmallooow

Very popular, high quality cake shop with a long-term store in the Shinjuku department store. Pick-up in Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 9th floor

  • Vegan Special Christmas Cake with Roses Chocolate mousse, ganache, and soy milk cream with a moist 3-layer cocoa sponge. ¥8,576 incl. tax 9.0×18.0×4.0cm

Order here

Order Deadline: pickup 12/24 (fri) or 12/25 (sat)

Ts Restaurant

Ts Restaurant, famous for their tantan instant- and Tokyo Station noodles, also does Christmas cakes (and mouthwatering New Year's osechi!). Available for pickup in Tokyo.

  • Strawberry Christmas Shortcake (gf/nut-free) ¥4,200 incl. tax 12cm (also available in 15cm at ¥5,200)

  • 4-nuts and creamy Milk Chocolate Christmas Cake ¥5,400 incl. tax 9x15cm

See post here

Order Deadline: 12/4 (sat) - Limited number available so don't wait! By email: tsrestaurant.rv@gmail.com, Instagram Direct Message or phone 03-3717-0831.

Miki Koubou Sweets

I bought a Miki Koubou birthday cake and was very happy with the overall size, level of (not overly) sweetness and generous layers of cream. I'd be very happy to try more of their (Christmas) cakes! All cakes are refined sugar- and plantbased margarine- (trans fat) free and can be made gluten free on request. Cakes can be picked-up fully decorated in Aichi, or send frozen by Yamato. When shipped frozen, the thawing fruit will impact the quality of the cake, so they will be left out and the price will be cheaper for mail orders. Full ingredients and what can be altered are listed in the web shop.

  • Christmas Style Marron Cake with decorations ¥4,600 15cm (¥5,400 for 18cm) Order here

  • Autumn/Winter Christmas Party Assortment (limited number) ¥4,800 118cm 2 x 4 different flavors 1. Marron cake with Chestnuts 2. Salty Caramel cake with Pecan and Almond nuts 3. Classic Gâteau au chocolat 4. Sweet Potato Potato Apple Pie Order here

  • Christmas Strawberry Cake with decorations ¥4,400 15cm (¥4,900 for 18cm) - mail order price Note: the cake comes with fresh strawberries only when collected in-store. Order here

  • Christmas Chocolate Cake with decorations ¥4,400 15cm (¥4,850 for 18cm) - mail order price Note: the cake comes with fresh strawberries only when collected in-store. Order here

  • Rice Flour Gâteau au chocolat (wheat free) ¥4,350 15cm (¥5,180 for 18cm) - mail order price Note: will include both DIY decoration and whipped cream if ordered online. Order here

Order Deadlines: All cakes can be collected in-store and most shipped frozen. Some information seems to be from last year and different dates can be found throughout the pages, so be sure to order in time - as amounts are limited any way! (The general deadline seems to be 12/10)

Chaya Macrobiotics

Chaya is well known for their Vegan/Macrobiotic instant Curry, Risotto and Stews, Butter Sand and Granola's. Their gluten free cake looks absolutely gorgeous and is gluten- and refined sugar free.

  • Strawberry Short Cake with vanilla mouse ¥5,980 15cm (6-8 people) In-store pick up only Order here

Order Deadline: Limited number, so don't wait! In-store pick up on 12/24 (fri) or 12/25 (sat).

Coconut Dream Bakery

Coconut Dream Bakery is a Gluten-, Egg-, Dairy-, Soy- and Refined sugar free bakery in Kawasaki. I had their Christmas cake last year, as well as several of their sweets and they are delicious! (note that the cake is gluten-free and may have a different texture than you're used to). Tip: as one of the few businesses, they allow you to order other things from their line up together with the Christmas order to save on shipping. Choose between delivery or store-pickup.

  • White Rosetta Christmas Cake - Strawberry and Vanilla Flavor incl. decorations ¥3,800~ excl. tax

  • Christmas Boston Cream Cake incl. decorations ¥3,800~ excl. tax Order cakes here

Next to cakes, they also have a whole category dedicated to Christmas with fruit cake, breads, ginger cookies, and beautiful chocolate boxes.

Order here

Order Deadline: 12/15 (tue) Delivery between 12/16 ~ 12/25

*Prices depend on the desired delivery date, with Christmas as peak. Last year stock that wasn't sold would go on sale on Christmas to avoid food loss.


Coconut Glen's is an ice cream brand from Maui Hawaii selling delicious flavors of organic, diary- and additive free ice cream. Their Christmas special ice cake is currently on sale!

  • Magic Maui Ice Cake with Vanilla and Coconut Milk Chocolate ¥4,617 (incl. shipping) incl. decorations Order here

Order Deadline: Order until 12/20 20:00 (mon) to receive 12/18 - 12/25


The beloved vegan restaurant chain has some amazing Christmas cakes lined up again this year. All cakes are gluten-free and available for pickup in their Tokyo stores only.

  • Tiramisu Christmas Cake ¥4,580 12cm Order here

  • Chocolate and Marron Christmas Cake ¥6,200 15cm Order here

  • Strawberry Short Christmas Cake ¥5,000 12cm or 15cm (¥6,200) Order here

Order Deadline: Pick-up dates between 12/22 (wed) - 12/25 (sat) First 100 customers receive a mini flower bouquet! (strict no cancellation policy)


Biokura is an online shop with high quality plantbased foods. Their cake line up is incredible and their Christmas special, made with Yamanashi rice flour, soy cream and homemade raspberry jam looks divine.

  • Rice Flour Strawberry Christmas Cake ¥4,800 incl. tax 13 x 6 cm Order here

Order Deadline: Order 11/25 (thu) - 12/21 (tue) to receive between 12/20 (mon) and 12/25 (sat)


A vegan and gluten-free sweets take-out store in Daikanyama. Store pick-up only!

  • Strawberry Christmas Shortcake (without soy cream) ¥5,800 incl. tax 12cm (also available in 15cm ¥9,100)

  • Montblanc Christmas Tart topped with Chestnut syrup ¥6,300 incl. tax 12cm (also available in 15cm ¥9,600)

  • Classic Chocolate Christmas Cake topped with Strawberry ¥5,500 incl. tax 12cm (also available in 15cm ¥8,800) Order per IG message here or phone

Order Deadline: Order early (limited quantities) to pick up 12/3 - 12/25 (other days on request)

Coco Chou Chou

Coco Chou Chou offers three beautiful Christmas cakes that come with decorations. They offer gluten-, refined sugar free and raw cakes and specifically mention not using gelatin.

  • Orange Chocolate Gluten free Christmas Cake ¥4,580 incl. tax 15cm (4-6 people) (also available in 12cm)

  • Raw, Gluten- and Refined Sugar free Strawberry Christmas Cake ¥4,580 incl. tax 15 cm (4-6 people) (also available in 12cm)

  • Raw, Gluten- and Refined Sugar free Tiramisu Christmas Cake ¥4,580 incl. tax 15 cm (4-6 people) (also available in 12cm)

  • BONUS: Christmas style ginger cookies topping (¥500)

Order here

Order Deadline: Delivery between 12/15 (wed) - 12/23 (thu). Raw cakes can be kept frozen for a month.


VMall is a brand new online shop that collects all of the best vegan products. They offer a great lineup of vegan Christmas cakes. For Example:

  • Strawberry Mouse Christmas Cake by Taiwanese Restaurant Kourakuen ¥5,500 incl. tax

  • Raw Strawberry Christmas Cake by Maple Raw ¥4,500 incl. tax 12 cm

  • Japanese Ohagi Christmas Special Box by Wahana ¥5,980 incl. tax 15 cm (4-6 people) (also available in 12cm)

Order here

Order Deadline: Order until 12/20 (mon) - see instructions for each cake/store in the VMall shop.

Esprit de gâteau

Allergy friendly cakes, without dairy, eggs and wheat. Offers several cakes in their Rakuten shop, including two cute, smaller Christmas cakes.

  • Allergens free Christmas Cake Chocolate, incl. candles ¥2,500 incl. tax 12cm (2-4 people)

  • Allergens free Christmas Cake Strawberry, incl. candles ¥2,500 incl. tax 12cm (2-4 people) *last year I was contacted by a follower who called the company and said the strawberry cake uses cochineal and is not Vegan. The ingredients are listed and seem OK - please confirm with the buyer in case of doubt.

Order here

Order Deadline: Order by 12/21 (sun) to receive between 12/20 (sun) and 12/25 (fri)


What is better than cake AND ice cream?! These ridiculously extravagant gelato ice cakes, including emulsifiers and stabilizers, are free from all 28 main allergens next to vegan, also soy-, wheat- and almond free! The cakes are made with e.g. rice milk, coconut cream and cookies made from chickpea flower. They do use white sugar. Cakes can be delivered or picked up in one of their stores.

  • Milky Raspberry Lychee Christmas Gelato Cake ¥3,996 12 x 6cm

  • 2-Layer Berry & Chocolate Christmas Gelato Cake ¥4,860 incl.tax 12 x 7cm

Order here

Order Deadline: Order by 12/15 (wed) Ships within 4-7 working days once the payment has been confirmed.

Le Paysan

A French cuisine restaurant in Kagawa Prefecture that offers Wheat-, dairy-, alcohol- , honey- and gelatin- and five pungent roots free; suitable for vegan, halal, and macrobiotic oriental vegans. Cakes available for pickup or delivery.

  • Strawberry Vanilla Cream Christmas Cake ¥4,500 15cm

  • Mont Blanc Christmas Cake with large Chestnuts ¥4,500 15cm

  • Matcha Gâteau opéra Christmas Cake ¥4,500 15cm

  • Soy Cream Christmas Cake with Strawberries ¥4,500 15cm

Order here

Order Deadline: 12/15 (wed) per phone only! (0877-63-5570) to pick up between 12/22 (wed) and 12/25 (sat) - early bird prices till 12/03 (fri).

Takaki Health Care Foods

Allergen-free cakes made with rice flour and soy cream. All cake ornaments are included and they also offer KIDS Character/Anime Cakes in three different styles. All ingredients are listed.

  • Colorful Christmas Fruit Cake ¥4,104 15cm (4-6 people)

  • Christmas Chocolate Cake with Strawberry and Raspberry ¥3,996 15cm (4-6 people)

  • Christmas Cakes Assortment - 3x soy cream peach 4x strawberry soy cream with strawberries 2x chocolate cream with milk-free chocolate hearts ¥4,212 5cm x 9 cakes

Order here

Order Deadline: 12/8 (wed) to receive between 12/21 (tue) and 12/23 (thu)

Ito Yokado

Maybe not the most traditional-looking Christmas cake, but this 4-nuts tart made by Biokura sounds very tasty and is widely available. The ingredients include liqour.

  • Biokura X'Mas 4 nuts Almond Cream Tart ¥2,916 incl. tax 14 x5cm (4-6 people) See availability here (select your local store) here

Order Deadline: 12/12 (sun) to pick-up 12/22 (wed) 12/24 (fri)

Bio C Bon

Organic Supermarket with a lot of vegan products. This year the online Christmas cakes are both not vegan, but the ones for pickup are.

  • Vegan Organic White Christmas Cake (coconut cream) ¥5,379 incl. tax 12cm

  • Vegan Gâteaux de Voyage Chocolate Cream Cake (coconut cream) ¥5,379 incl. tax 12cm

Catalog here

Order Deadline: *5% discount pre-order! pick-up available 12/18 (sat)~25 (sat)

Seven Eleven

Widely available and quite affordable. Reviews have been mixed, but it seems to be a safe, easy option - either delivery or store-pickup.

  • Soymilk Strawberry Cream Cake with Fruit ¥3,348 incl. tax 15×4.5cm (4-6 people)

  • Rice Flour and Soy Milk Chocolate Cream Bûche de Noël ¥3,672 incl. tax 8×16×5.4cm (3-4 people)

Order here

Order Deadline: 12/17 (fri) to receive between 12/20 (mon) and 12/23 (thu)

12/19 (sun) to receive between 12/24 (fri) and 12/25 (sat)

Lawson, Family Mart & AEON

I am not sure if the cake these three companies offer is the exact same one, but the pictures and ingredients look almost identical. One of the cheapest, simplest options, with peach instead of the strawberry-heavy Seven version. Cakes can be picked-up or delivered.

  • Allergen free Soy Cream and Fruits Christmas Cake 15 x 4.5cm (4-6 people) Lawson: ¥3,190 Family Mart: ¥3,186 AEON: ¥3,186, incl. tax

Order Deadline: Lawson: 12/10 (fri) to pick up between 12/19 (sun) and 12/25 (sat)

or Early bird 11/23 (tue) to receive between 12/2 (thu) and 12/18 (sat) Order here

Family Mart:

12/16 (thu) to pick up between 12/19 (sun) and 12/23 (thu) 12/20 (mon) to pick up 12/24 (fri) and 12/25 (sat)

Order here


12/17 (fri) to pick up between 12/22 (wed) and 12/25 (sat)

Order here

Natural Fukurou

Online organic sweets shop offering cakes without eggs, dairy and refined sugar. *clearly mentions macrobiotic, but not vegan. Contact seller to be sure.

  • Macrobiotic Gâteau au Chocolat ¥3,888 incl. tax 15cm (4-8 people) (also available in 12cm) Order here

Order Deadline: 12/12 (sun) to receive between 12/16 (thu) and 12/24 (fri)


Still haven't found your perfect cake? Be sure to keep an eye on Cake JP as they line up keeps changing and expanding. Some cakes are available for only a limited amount of time, so be sure to keep an eye on the deadlines.

Browse here


The following businesses were listed last year, but have not published their offering for this year (yet).

Merci Cinq

Egg-, dairy- and refined sugar free sweets shop in Kawasaki famous for their madeleines.


Cafe passionate to serve delicious food for all people, regardless of food allergies and whether or not you can or wish to eat meat. Their specialty is their unique and healthy "enzyme brown rice".

X'mas Special: Black Sesame and Banana Chocolate Cake with Salty Pretzels ¥4,320 incl. tax 15 x 3 cm

X'mas Special: Amazake and Strawberry Jam Cheesecake ¥3,780 incl. tax 15 x 4,5 cm

Order here


Allergens- and Vegan friendly, organic-as-far-as-possible sweets cafe in Nagano.

2020 Raw Christmas Cake (GF) Strawberry and raw white chocolate on organic almonds- and dates base ¥5,800 incl. tax

Scheduled shipping date: 12/20 (Sun) to arrive 21 (Mon) ~ 23 (Wed) Pick up possible.

Order here

Extra mentions

Vegan Simme

In-store pick up in Mie Prefecture only. ¥3,800 incl. tax  12/24 and 12/25

View here

Kick Back Cafe

No designated Christmas cakes this year, but beautiful cakes and full English service! starting at¥3,300 incl. tax    View here

The Pink Cow

The Pink Cow in Tokyo offers California-Mexican soul food with Vegan options. Last year they did a vegan menu "as grandma does it" for Thanksgiving and Christmas, including a piece of homemade vegan dessert. Keep an eye on their shop or Facebook page here for updates this year.

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