Whereas "my" old local supermarkets in Europe now have Vegan isles,

markers in the shelves and HUGE selections of plant based alternatives,

Japan can be a bit more tricky - especially outside of Tokyo.

But honestly, it turns every shopping trip into a mini-adventure:

Always on the search for -accidentally- Vegan-friendly products!     

❤️   NOTE ❤️


Japan's food labeling laws are very lenient (they will fortunately become a bit more strict in 2020!), so next to the unspecified "aromas" and "flavorings", some products may contain e.g. katsuo bonito, without this being mentioned on the label.    


Like in the USA, a lot of processed white sugar is still made with bone char. Which per definition makes a lot of products not-vegan.



With this blog I want to make it easier for vegans traveling to Japan or people who are transitioning to a (more) vegan lifestyle. Japan can be a challenge, especially in the countryside. Although topics like palm oil, waste free and health (processed/sugar/additives) are very important, I will keep this blog easy accessible and will share food which' ingredients are vegan, to the best of my knowledge.   


I will always mention if I am not 100% about something being completely vegan, and will edit or remove items if I learn they are not.